About us

What does the Inkubator Culture Program represent ?

The INKUBATOR Culture Program is a project developed by the Interart Cultural Center and represents a new platform for creating a new model of work that will provide conditions, professional production and promotion of the young artists in three interconnected non-verbal categories: contemporary dance, music and visual arts.

The aim of the INKUBATOR Culture Program is to empower young people to change and outgrow their boundaries, to experiment and create freely, in order to channel creative energy and realize their ideas by producing works of art that will be competitive in every aspect in the professional contemporary scene.

At Interart we felt an urge to create a platform such as INKUBATOR because we deeply believe that creativity and the need for expression are some of the leading criteria for the development of a society. In order to stimulate a development of this kind, we provide the necessary conditions for free artistic expression for the young creative potentials in Macedonia.

The INKUBATOR Culture Program is the first step towards the creation of an INKUBATOR – Multimedia Center for Contemporary Culture, which at the same time is our ultimate goal. Creation of a new space intended to accumulate and channel the creative energy of the youth under mentorship and with professional support – a space with which the young people will identify and where they will have the opportunity to develop.

Who are we ?

The Interart Cultural Center is the only center in Macedonia that is dedicated exclusively to developing the art of contemporary dance. The Center designs project lines on several levels dedicated to: education, production and presentation, with the help of which in the past 20 years has opened a wide platform for the development of contemporary dance art in Macedonia.

From the very beginning of its activities in 1996, the Center has and continues to create strong ties to various prestigious centers, festivals and scholarships from Europe and the United States, such as the Choreography Center in San Sebastian, Banjole, Paris: the Rotterdam Academy, the CODARTS University and the Dutch Dance Festival , Netherlands; American dance Abroad, New York, USA and Dance Union between the countries of Central and Southeastern Europe and China. Through these connections, Macedonia had the opportunity to host various choreographers, real representatives of the world contemporary dance scene, who performed at the projects hosted by the Interart Cultural Center: “Fashion Ballet Week”, part of the Ohrid Summer Festival in the period 1996/2002; April – Month of Dance! – Skopje, 2002/2003; the festival DANCE FEST in the period 2005 to date.

The Interart Center, which works on affirmation and popularization of the Contemporary Dance scene in Macedonian, has also created a complete contemporary dance infrastructure in the country through the opening of the Contemporary Dance Academy in 2010, which was done in cooperation with one of the world’s most prestigious dance academies with existence and experience of 80 years – The Rotterdam Dance Academy, from The Netherlands and the formation of the first dance theater, in 2011. – Skopje Dance Theater. Through these activities, the Interart Cultural Center became the leader of the development of contemporary dance, not only in the Macedonia, but also in the region.

The Interart Cultural Center has been implementing the UNESCO CID premises from 2003, promoting the values ​​UNESCO stands for, preserving and developing the spiritual and intangible heritage. The Center organized two regional congresses for UNESCO CID in Macedonia, the conference titled “The Dance as an Expression of Cultural Diversity” supported by UNESCO, as well as the conferences for dance, on the topic “Modern Dance (Culture) as a factor of the transformation of a society”, supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Macedonia.

Interart comes out as the publisher of the book “The Art of Dance”, the three contemporary dance publications: “Wings of the Dance”; “New Dance Theater”, “The Path of Change” and “Skopje Dance Academy – Beginnings”.

In its many years of work, Interart succeeds in presenting Macedonia beyond its borders, at prestigious festivals and events, thus promoting Macedonian contemporary culture at the highest level.