Mission and vision

ICP – Creating together!

The Incubator Culture Program as a platform empowers young creative individuals by giving their ideas an opportunity of professional support, thus allowing them to evolve and become a part of the contemporary artistic context. This program aims to create new choreographers, composers and visual artists in order to merge their artistic expressions into a single artistic production.

What’s breeding in our Inkubator?

The idea’s central pillar is creating a new working model that aims to support and promote productions of young artists in the dance, music and visual arts field. We are dedicated to engage and allow aspiring and curious artists to challenge their limits and be involved in a hands on experience that will ultimately result in a professional dance production. In the dedicated educational workshops, dancers/choreographers will create dance pieces, musicians will provide original music for it, visuals (the scene and the costumes) will be the responsibility of the visual artists. The visual artists will have one more added project to execute – design of an Art Living Room (decoration of the Centre for Contemporary Culture – Skopje). All work will be catalogued, meaning a database of artist’s portfolios that work with the Centre on this project will be created.

What are the goals of the Inkubator Culture Program?

  • Greater affirmation of contemporary arts through proactive fostering of its values
  • Execution of activities that will contribute the development of the youth contemporary art scene (dance, music, visual arts)
  • Promotion and general improvement in arts entrepreneurship among the young creative population
  • Generating a new audience through a new working model
  • Paving the way for further self-sustainable projects in the field of contemporary arts