The Incubator’s timeline is formed around education and production in the field of three non-verbal art categories:

  • Contemporary dance
  • Music
  • Visual arts

The project will be conducted in two cycles, through open calls for applications, with predetermined criteria for each category, selection of the candidates and face to face meeting with them.

The process of realization of the project will be carried out with the help of educators in each area, and under the mentorship of the designated mentors in each artistic category.

Contemporary dance – in this category, the first period of work will be carried out by training the participants and introducing them to the basics of composition and choreography, during the second period of the first cycle, a production will be created in which the dancers from the Skopje Dance Theater will take part in. Lessons will be created regarding the 20th century dance history and aesthetic, conceptual and philosophical aspect of creating a choreographic work, with an emphasis on choreographic i.e. dancing dramaturgy. These lessons will be open to the project participants from all three categories.

Music – in this category the candidates will have basic training in the process of creating a musical composition with the primary purpose of satisfying the needs of the choreographers i.e. the successful realization of the dance project. The primary musical goals of the Inkubator are teaching the specific techniques of composing music for contemporary dance, the availability of technology through lectures and active music creation. A review of the philosophical-aesthetic dimension and the acquaintance with the world’s greatest music cultures will take the form of an open lecture and discussion, intended and recommended for all participants of the project.

Visual Arts – in this category, the candidates will work on creating a stage space through the creation of objects and visual solutions in the context of a dance project i.e. choreography. Through lessons participants will explore painting and sculpting techniques, materials and concepts from the most basic to advanced levels. Candidates working in all visual media are welcomed.

Candidates in the visual arts category will work on the creation and development of a product in the field of applied art with the possibility to create a usable object/sculpture/installation, taking into account the aesthetic concepts of the contemporary living room (Art Living Room), which will be continuously exhibited by the Incubator Culture Program.



February 21st – March 7th – First open call in the categories – contemporary dance, music and visual art for young artists aged 16-29

March 9th – Announcing the results of the open call

  • All selected candidates should be prepared for a face to face meet in Skopje on the 11-th of March (Sunday)
  • All participants who will be selected for the project, and whose current place of residence is not Skopje, will receive adequate compensation for travel costs with provided proof of payment (ticket, fiscal account)

March – June – Incubator workshops within the project for dance, music and visual arts (first production period)

May – Announcement of the second open call for young artists

June – August – Performance of the Incubator productions throughout several cities in Macedonia

September – December – Incubator workshops for dance, music and visual arts (second production period)

December – Presentation of the products from the second cycle